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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2004|02:15 am]
All is going well on the money front. As well as can be expected at least.

On the dole. Week stand down period in process. Fucken thing. Dont see the reason fo it. Just another way to poke us while we are down. :(

Application to 'burger king' seems to be going well. Soon i will be flipping burgers. Joy. I think its going to suck, but hell, its 90$ and a referance.

I hate my body just now. Its fucken ugly. All gristle and fat rolls. I disgust myself.

Been meaning to work out, but it causes real unimagined pain. Thin people dont realise the amount of effort lugging around 130kgs takes and how much strain it is. :(

Need to get fit. Just remember that. I dont need to get thin, just fit. Want to get thin. I hate being fat.

This journal doesnt seem to help so far. It just seems to make me brood on the issues. Will keep it up for another wee while. At least it makes me think about and act on the issues. Keeps my feet on the ground.

Nothing like an empty hall to sing your best in. ;P
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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2004|04:49 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]

I hate:
Headaches, pains, aches, Being told to procrastinate and then being told off for doing so, pedantic people, rude people, those who dont give things a chance before hating them, how slowly time seems to go by when you are doing something you hate and how quickly it seems to go by when you enjoying yourself, people who do rude/malitious/annoying things for entertainment, racists, Homophobics, heteraphobics, feminists, chauvinists, (joke: I HATE prejudiced people!), those without a sence of humor and who take things with utter seriousness, those who are full of themselves or 'have thier heads up thier own asses', beurocrats, my stomic, selulite, the reflex that decreases your metabolism if you dont eat for 2 seconds triggering you to get fat, the reflex that makes you get FAT in the first place, the overwhelming instinct to eat for no reason, my father for leaving me, my mother for letting him (and only for that, i love my mum), my brother for being a lazy untrustworthy bum, my sister for idolising him, my grandparents for being stuck up, europe for sucking 30% of new zealand income a year, Death, illness, the fact that we degenerate at a constant rate, the fact that i will probably not be remembered or grieved and there is little i can do about that except die in a tragic way, and then i will only be remembered for a small amount of time, christianity, some priests, pedophiles, rapists, murderers and general riff raff like that, ignorance (my own), ignorance (of others).

Still no comments on this journal. Maybe people just dont read it? Maybe nothings interesting? Proven my point again, i wouldnt be noticed in death.
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more hates [Jun. 19th, 2004|12:55 am]
[mood |morosemorose]

I hate:
Being in bad health, being poor, capitalist pigs who keep me poor, poor education system that didnt give me the oportunity to become smart, myself for not trying harder, Myself for not trying to try harder. Mostly though i just hate the system we are currently living in. 5% the world have more resourses than the other 95%, and there is little we can do about it; I find it a stupid system when the poor spend more than the rich and the rich (unless they dont manage it well) just get richer. Oh well, as someone said, "This system isnt perfect, but its the best we can think of. If you have a better idea do tell." Just because i can think of nothing better doesnt mean i cant complain about it.

I hate idiots who think they are smart, I pity smart people who think they are dumb. I hate boring people who think that both they and thier very very very long jokes are funny (when they arent), and i especially hate it when you are sitting with a group of people who think (are?) smarter than you and they keep giving inside or smart jokes and then looking at you like you are a retard when you dont get it. I hate those who think that they are better than everyone else. Everyone in this world is equal!

I hate all the pain, all the hate, all the misery, all the horrable things that happen in this world. Im told the world will be going to hell soon. I dont think anyone will notice.

I hate a system that persecutes you for being overweight and yet gives you no viable alternative to being so. I hate a system that sees the death of 50,000 of thiers good enough cause to attack 2 other countries and kill more than 300,000! The hypocrisy in that is breathtaking!

I hate the topics on television, the fact that on there no relationship/friendship or group lasts. I hate that i have been brought up to believe this is the way it is.

I hate the fact that i have no intellegent religeon to adhere to. Christianity is not an intellegent religeon. Along side this the fact that i dont know much about where my people came from, what this motives where. What our motives are.

I hate that my life currently has no direction at all. I hate that i am an unskilled, unmotivated loser with no hopes of becoming anything of intrest. I HATE the fact that i am going to die a tired, lonely boring man. And that noone will even notice i have gone.

Suicide seems like a good idea.

I hate the fact that im too gutless and unmotivated to end this miserable life of mine. I hate that i can now hate, i didnt use to.


Why has noone responded so far? Why has noone been interested at all? This just proves my point. Even when i let all my feelings out noone notices, everyone just passes by going: Another teenage anst journal. They do have a point though.

All i want is attention. Like i will ever get it.

I dont think that i will ever get any attention. Im just not interesting enough.

Have to end this now. The journal. I dont have the guts to END it. :(
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Hate [Jun. 13th, 2004|09:47 pm]
[mood |refreshedrefreshed]

I hate:
racists; neerdo wells; overly negative people; overly positive people; people who blame thier parents for thier problems; stupid people who have the ability to become smart and dont; smart people who act stupid; beurocrats; beurocracys; people who leech from thier societies; george bush; the rich; our society as a whole; nucular weapons; normal weapons that are used for murder; murderers; rapists; burglers; salesmen; jahovas witnesses; door to door salesman; liars, cheats and swindlers; Idiots who allow themselves to be easily lied to, cheated and swindled; those who hit-and-run; those who drive to fast; those who drive to slow; those who waste thier lives in a worthless futureless job; those who throw thier weight around; bullies; wimps.

Will add more when i think of them.
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Bitch and Moan! [Jun. 13th, 2004|09:44 pm]
Well i have finally made it. This is my bitching, moaning and ranting journal.

Read me at your own risk.

A few things readers should know:
If you think im stupid
If you dont like my views
If you dissagree with me
If you just want someone to scream at

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